Within the context of climate change, we humans deal with nature almost awkwardly. We shape and intervene in nature, with good intentions not always apparent. We desperately try to restrain nature, while simultaneously romanticizing it and appreciating its importance.  Our glorified view of nature misguides us into conflicting action.
I wanted to  highlight this by presenting various physical objects, each exposing their own perspective  on this topic.
With these objects, in the form of an installation, I want to encourage viewers to think and discuss, and perhaps even reflect on their own actions.

This project was on show at the Dutch Design Week 2021.
appreciation - This piece of nature is made to be admired and appreciated. What kind of influence does this constructed and romanticized view of nature have on you? How does it influence your perception of nature and how you treat it?
imitation - What do our attempts at the imitation and emulation of nature signify? What do you think are its effects on nature?
conservation - Are the acts of conservation in an attempt to protect it from its demise and save for later truly meaningful? How do you protect nature?
repair - We repair nature when it breaks, and make sure it heals again. Right? When does nature become unusable or broken for you? How do you handle this?
utilization - Nature is a building block of our civilization. But what kind of influence does our usage of nature have on nature itself, and how do we decide which gets the priority?
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