In my artistic practice I work with diverse disciplines like illustration, painting, photography, sculpture, often coming together in installations. In my work I try to research the connections of human beings to their environment and the feelings and conflicts that come inbetween. I’d like to translate my experiences such as questions, confusion, ideas and wondering into work that create new narratives with ambiguity and poetry. My illustrations are most likely depicting parts of nature, sometimes connected to emotions and feelings. Opposed to other work, I like to make use of bright warm colours in my illustrations while making use of material that can look more sketchy, like pencil, charcoal and collage. My working process often also starts with drawing or sketching ideas. This is fundamental for the whole of my artistic practice. In my more sculptural work I like to work with rough materials from the environment, such as plain wood, concrete, grass, branches or also found materials like cardboard or pallets. 

Rayn was born under the name of Q. M. Inchauste Callahuara in 1998.

Based in The Netherlands.

2021 - now    HKU, Fine Art (Bachelor of Art)
2017 - 2022   HKU, Illustration (Bachelor of Design)
2016 - 2017   Gerrit Rietveld Academy, Orientationyear

2024   These hands think about you all, AG HKU, Utrecht
2023   Hatched, AG HKU, Utrecht
       Growing Structures, Landgoed Amelisweerd, Utrecht
       Hallway, HKU Pastoe, Utrecht
       Peek: Last, HKU Pastoe, Utrecht
2021   Dutch Design Week, Klokgebouw, Eindhoven
       HKU Exposure, Lou Oudenoord, Utrecht
2020   Show Me The Money, HKU Media, Utrecht
2019   2.01, Hooghiemstra, Utrecht
       "Kijk, Denk, Maak", De Boem, Amstelveen
2018   Omgeslagen, De Utrechtse Boekenbar, Utrecht